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Editorial From the Bristol Phoenix September 21, 2023
Strolling home from dinner last week we noticed a flurry of activity in front of the Bristol Post Office. It was volunteers from the Bristol Garden Club completing a much-needed transformation of the green[1]ery in front of the building. What had previously had the aesthetics of the vegetation next to an I-95 off-ramp was now a stately, pristine garden that compli[1]mented the organization's work at the neighboring Rogers Free Library. What a welcome improvement to an important and heavily trafficked building in the heart of town. At times we take this beautiful town we call home for granted. We should take a moment to recognize those neighbors who devote their own time, treasure, and talent to make Bristol a special place. What better place to showplace their dedication than on a village main street called Hope! Kudos to the Bristol Garden Club for another job well done. Kim and Howard Sutt

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