BGC 2019-2020 Programs

August 14 Barrington Farm School



Barrington Farm School, 100-98 Federal Road Barrington, RI

Visit this 120-year old farm, the last in Barrington, to see how it functions today as an educational community resource for student environmentalists, teachers, artists, and conservationists. Recently designated as a protected farm, with 501 c(3) status, the thriving farm markets sustainably produced crops and honey. Bring your shopping bags – the stand will be filled with delectable tomatoes and other wonderful goodies to purchase and take home. Check out the farm’s Facebook page for up-to-date information.

Meet at Dunkin Donuts to carpool, leaving at about 11:45; or drive yourself to the farm if you prefer. We will enjoy our picnic lunches at the farm at noon. The tour and shopping time will follow.

Hostesses: Kathy Thomas and Alicia Lenarcic

September 11 Daffodillian

Speaker: John Hirshboeck, Project Director


Rogers Free Library

Launched in 2006 with the support of The Daffodil Project, Daffodillion is a volunteer, non-profit civic beautification campaign that has planted nearly 1,100,000 bright yellow daffodils throughout Newport.  Each fall thousands of bulbs are given away free to Newport residents and businesses who plant them in private yards and public spaces. Each spring, Newport and the surrounding area come alive with their bright golden hue.  Learn more about this amazing civic project, its plans for expansion to neighboring communities, and its dreams to bring a “host of golden daffodils” to the entire state.

Hostesses: Laurel Curtis and Pam Bishop

October 9 Bees – Their Importance, Current Challenges, and How Gardeners Can Help

Speaker: Dane Pursley; Instructor and Beekeeper, Barrington Farm School


Rogers Free Library

We have all heard that bees, as pollinators, are in trouble. What factors contribute to the problem and what changes can be made to compensate for it? How can gardeners and others help? What is involved in keeping bees? Dane Pursley, Barrington Farm School Beekeeper and Instructor, will introduce us to these amazing creatures and how to take care of them, their diversity, and how we must learn to coexist with them.

Hostesses: Carol Glanville and Linda Sheehan

November 13 Heirloom Tea

Speaker: Margaret Whitehead, Blithewold Curator



Members and guests can begin by enjoying an informative display of members’ heirloom and culturally diverse garments on the Breakfast Porch. Margaret Whitehead, Curator of Blithewold’s collections, will then discuss the extensive examples of vintage clothing and apparel maintained by the historic estate; and will offer specific suggestions to attendees on the preservation of heirloom and historically valuable garments. Following Margaret’s presentation, members and guests will enjoy a bountiful afternoon tea in the dining room.

Hostesses: Karen Aveson and Marsha Petaja

December 11 Annual Holiday Luncheon


Vera Bowen’s home, 11 Dolly Drive

Bring your favorite holiday side dish, appetizer, or dessert to share at our festive annual potluck get-together. The club will provide the main course and beverages. (Please plan to give Vera $5 each to defray this cost.)

This is a social event, without a designated program. As you enjoy visiting and wishing each other the happiest season’s greetings, please remember to support some less fortunate ladies at the local women’s shelter. They will greatly appreciate your donations of toiletries.

Hostesses: Vera Bowen and Vicki Iannuccillo

January – NO MEETING

February 12 CannisPharm



770 Main St., West Warwick, RI

Gardeners know that grass means mowing and a weed needs plucking but did you that they are common names for Cannabis sativa and Cannabis indica?  Prized for centuries by many cultures for their medicinal properties, cannabis flowers or marijuana have been used to relieve pain, muscles spasms, and nausea and in treatments for anorexia, multiple sclerosis, seizure disorders, and digestive maladies among dozens of conditions and illnesses.  Rhode Island is now one of 30 states to license marijuana cultivation for medicinal purposes.  Visit one of RI’s licensed cultivators to learn about the growing, cultivation and processing of these plants available in one of the state’s three authorized dispensaries.

Hostesses: Barbara Blossom and Gail Burmeister

March 11 Water Gardens, Large and Small

Speaker: Rick Burt, Instructor


Rogers Free Library

No garden is complete without water -- still and reflective, or moving and contributing its melody. Enthusiastic and experienced water gardener Rick Burt will inspire and encourage us to try this rewarding aspect of gardening, and tell us how to get started with practical information, and tips on plants and how and where to obtain them. Whether it’s a simple container with a lovely tropical water lily sitting on your patio or a full- blown pond in your yard, you can begin enjoying a water garden of your own this year.

Hostesses: Wendy Davis and Mary Millard

April 8

Through the Years with Bristol Garden Club

Speaker: Vera Bowen


Rogers Free Library

As we approach our 100th anniversary in 2028 we will catch wonderful glimpses of our club’s traditions and learn about its past members from Bristol and Warren. Bristol Garden Club Historian Vera Bowen will tell us about their many projects over the years and how these have contributed to the civic good of Bristol in various ways as times and priorities have changed

Hostesses: Julie Christina and Mary Carreiro

May 13 Annual Spring Luncheon Meeting


Location The Lobster Pot

We will meet during a delicious lunch, with time for socializing before and after. There is no formal program at this meeting.

Hostesses: Pam Delaney and TBD

June 10 The Bristol Tree Survey and Bristol’s Path to Designation as an Arboretum

Speaker: Tony Morettini; Chair, Bristol Conservation Commission


Rogers Free Library

What is the Bristol Tree Survey and how can it benefit our town? How can we support this? Tony Morettini will answer these questions; and he will also fill us in on Bristol’s progress toward becoming designated as an arboretum. What positive outcomes can being listed provide to our town? Tony will also let us know what is involved in getting the town to plant a street tree in the vicinity of a house.

Hostesses: Jean Hogan and Sheri St Germain

Executive Committee meetings will be held At 10:00 A.M. on the following Mondays:

August 12, 2019 EX Board Mtg Kathy Thomas 

September 9, 2019EX Board Mtg Carol Glanville 

October 7, 2019 EX Board Mtg Linda Sheehan 

November 11, 2019 EX Board Mtg Pam Bishop 

December 9, 2019 EX Board Mtg Karen Kestenberg 

February 10, 2020 EX Board Mtg Barbara Blossom 

March 9, 2020 EX board Mtg Gail Burmeister 
April 6, 2020EX Board Mtg Vera Bowen
May 11, 2020 EX Board Mtg Sheri St.Germain 

June 8, 2020 EX Board Mtg Pam Delaney