June 10 The Bristol Tree Survey and Bristol’s Path to Designation as an Arboretum

Speaker: Tony Morettini; Chair, Bristol Conservation Commission


Zoom Meeting

What is the Bristol Tree Survey and how can it benefit our town? How can we support this? Tony Morettini will answer these questions; and he will also fill us in on Bristol’s progress toward becoming designated as an arboretum. What positive outcomes can being listed provide to our town? Tony will also let us know what is involved in getting the town to plant a street tree in the vicinity of a house.

Hostesses: Jean Hogan and Sheri St Germain


August 12, 2020

How to Make Your Own Topiaries

Speaker: Dan Christina, Manager and Chief Horticulturist,

Green Animals Topiary Garden, Portsmouth, RI

1:00 pm

Rogers Free Library

Dan Christina has made it his mission to improve and reinvigorate the landscape at Green Animals by expanding existing features; sharpening the property’s boxwood hedges; and adding new topiaries, features, and gardening spaces.

Today he will share large pieces from his collection with us, and demonstrate topiary techniques by creating 3 or 4 new pieces which he will donate to the club. Dan hopes we will be inspired to try making our own topiaries and that we will continue to love the gardens we cultivate.

September 9, 2020

Improving Your Patch of Good, Green Earth

Speaker: Dr. Donald Demers, Ph.D., Buxton Hollow Farm Natural Products, Woonsocket, RI

1:00 pm

Rogers Free Library

Dr. Demers will explain the mineral and biological aspects of soil health, and the role soil nutrients play in supporting the soil’s biological life. He will go through a soil sample report, such as one we may have had done on our own gardens, and explain the macro- and micro-nutrient needs it reflects. We will learn about the reasons various nutrients are required by plants and how soil can be remediated to provide these when they are deficient.

Buxton Hollow Farm Natural Products provides quality natural products and services to farmers, landscapers, and gardeners throughout New England and nationwide.

October 14, 2020

Apple Cultivation, Cider Production and Tasting

Speaker: Spencer Morris

12:00 noon

Rogers Free Library

1:30 pm

Long Lane Orchard

73 Long Lane, Warren

(appropriate footwear and outdoor attire required)

2:30 pm

Warren Cider Works

100 Child Street, Warren

We will meet at the library for our business meeting and refreshments at noon.

From the library we will carpool in time to begin our 1:30 tour of the orchard on Long Lane. At the orchard our host will be Spencer Morris. Spencer grew up raising apples at his family’s orchard in New York’s Hudson River Valley. He has been making cider for ten years and started his commercial cidery in Warren in the past two years. Spencer will discuss the 40+ varieties of apples grown at his orchard in Warren and we will be able to sample some of them. He will also describe the harvesting and pressing of the apples and provide samples of fresh juice for us to try.

By 2:30, after the orchard tour, we will depart for the cidery and tasting room on Child Street. There we will have the opportunity to see how cider is made from juice. We will learn about different varieties of cider made there, and will be able to sample cider by flights or by the glass. Costs to individual members will be $10 per flight of 4 samples or $7 per individual glass. Bottles (750 ml) of cider will be available for purchase at the cidery.

November 18, 2020 *

Butterflies and Tea Cups (Speaker: Michelle Mensinger

11:30am-2:45 pm


*Note the departure from our normal meeting date, which would have been the previous Wednesday.

December 11, 2020

Annual Holiday Pot Luck Luncheon

12:00 noon

location TBD

Supplies Fee: $5.00 to Vera

This is a social event, without a designated program. Please bring a favorite holiday side dish to share, plus $5 to defray the cost of the main dish and wine which the club will supply.

Please share the holiday joy and support the local women’s shelter by bringing your donations of toiletries to the event. They will be greatly appreciated.

February 10, 2021

Five Seasons: The Gardens of Piet Oudolf (film and commentary)

Presenter: Mary-Frances Snow

1:00 pm

Rogers Free Library

Club member, Mary-Fran Snow has hands-on experience working at New York’s acclaimed High Line. She has graciously agreed to obtain the film which features this garden, among others designed by Oudolf. Mary-Fran will share books about High Line as well as information and personal insights.

March 10, 2021

Water Gardening in Containers

Speaker: Rick Burt

1:00 pm

Rogers Free Library

Lotus enthusiast, Blithewold volunteer, and life-long gardener Rick Burt will present comprehensive information about container gardening including design, set-up, soil, fertilizing, potting up and more; with a special emphasis on growing waterlilies and lotus. Rick will suggest how we can incorporate water plant containers into our garden designs, even in planting beds.

April 14, 2021

Swan Point and the Glories of Spring, tour and workshop

Speaker/Tour Host: Kelly Perry, Director of Horticulture

12:00 meeting and brown bag lunch

1:00-3:00 tour and workshop

Swan Point Cemetery

585 Blackstone Boulevard

Providence, RI

From its Olmsted-designed main gate, to its champion trees and specimen shrubs, its thousands of spring bulbs, and its seasonal array of annual plantings Swan Point Cemetery is a local treasure, botanically and historically. Dating to 1846, it is the third so-called ‘garden cemetery’ to be designed in this country, one of many created in expanding cities when existing churchyards became insufficient in space. Its 200 plus acres are the resting place of many important historical figures, memorialized by architecturally significant markers and tombs.

We will enjoy lunch and meet in the greenhouse/workshop facility where thousands of annuals are grown to be installed throughout the season for an ever- changing array of beauty on the grounds. Kelly will explain something about the history, programs, and mission of Swan Point. Then we will stroll and tour outdoors. Finally we will enjoy a hands-on workshop in the greenhouse, potting some container arrangements to take home.

Swan Point grounds are open until 5:00, so we will be free, at the conclusion of the program, to enjoy the beauty of the landscape at leisure, weather permitting.

May12, 2021

Annual Meeting and Spring Luncheon

Installation of New Officers

12:00 noon

location TBD

We will meet during a delicious lunch, with time for socializing before and after. Thee is no additional program.

June 9, 2021

What Cheer Flower Farm, tour and presentation

Speaker: Shelby Doggett, Executive Director

12:00 brown bag lunch and meeting

1:00 tour and presentation

What Cheer Flower Farm

46 Atwood Street

Providence, RI

“What Cheer Flower Farm gives away 44,500 flowers a year to charity…because everyone deserves a bouquet.” This description encompasses part of the mission of this unique new 501c3 in Providence. Founded in 2017, the farm grows or rescues, and gives away flowers to underserved people in stress – those in shelters and recovery centers, hospitals and hospices, seniors with dementia, and others.

The farm began when 4,000 sf of parking lot was remediated into an organic raised bed ‘field’ in 2018, on the site of an abandoned former factory. Since then, growing fields, which we will visit, have been expanded and a barn has been built to contain event flower rescues. Future goals include creation of a green job training center on-site, and development of expanded growing fields, topics which our tour guide will discuss.

Executive Committee meetings will be held At 10:00 A.M. on the following Mondays:

August 10, 2020 EX Board Mtg 

September 14, 2020 EX Board Mtg 

October 5, 2020 EX Board Mtg 

November 2, 2020 EX Board Mtg 

December 7, 2020 EX Board Mtg 

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